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What is Platform Pixels?

Platform Pixels is a mobile-first 2D platformer meant to be simple, easy to learn, yet extremely difficult. If this is your first time hearing about it, check out the Intro Post that I wrote on my blog.

The game is currently under active development so feel free to follow @PlatformPixels on Twitter to stay up to date.

~ Gregory

Join the Beta

There are currently betas available for Android and iPhone. Pick your poison.

Android Beta

To join the Android beta, join the Google+ Beta Community. After that, click the link in the instructions to opt in and install the app. NOTE: You should go through this process on your phone as some users have reported that trying it on desktop gives a "server error".

iPhone Beta

To join the iPhone beta, I'll need your email address to invite you. You can send your email address to @PlatformPixels on Twitter. Once I add your email you'll get an email notification from Test Flight telling you how to install the app (don't worry, it's easy).